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Lost Wax Casting

Production and Import of Investment Casting Items in Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel including machining and finishing process. Kanban System for fast delivery.

Injection Plastic Molds

Injection Plastic Molds. Production and Import from China

Injection Plastic Molding

Injection Plastic Molding. Production in Italy and China. KanBan System.

Metal Injection Molding

MIM Technology. Production and Imports in Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel. KanBan System.

Sintered Items

Sintered Component. Production and Import KanBan System.

CNC Production

CNC Mechanical Items. Production and Import KanBan System.

SR Tech specializes in the production and import of customized technical items.

Founded in 2011, the company soon established itself on the market as a reference partner for all companies that need help in choosing the best production technology for cost-effective mechanical components.

The company focuses on supplying mechanical components with a highly technological, aesthetic and functional content, ensuring the continuity of supply through the management of the stocks at KanBan’s headquarters in Parma.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by the respect of delivery times, by the quality of supplies and by the competitiveness of purchase costs that we are able to obtain thanks to the experience gained in outsourcing through over 15 years of activity with Asian suppliers.

Choose a Technology

Investment Casting

Investment Casting – Production Import Technical Item. More Infos click here.

Injection Plastic Molds

Production and Import Injection Plastic Molds… More Infos click here.

Plastic Injection Molding

Production Import Plastic Injection Technical Items. More Infos click here.

Metal Injection Molding

MIM Technology – Production Import Technical Items. More Infos click here.

Sintered Items

Sintered Items. Production and Import More Infos click here.

CNC machining

CNC Technical Items. Production and Import More Infos click here.

Our Services…



Starting from your ideas or existing components, we industrialize your products with the most suitable technology…

More Infos click here.

Reverse Engineering


You have to redo a component but don’t have drawings? We can produce them ourselves starting from the sample in your hands….

More Infos click here.

Kanban System


We manage the stock of your products with KanBan system. So no more stock breaks and delivery delays.

More Infos click here.

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