KanBan Stock Management

China has never been so close with SR Tech’s stock management through the KanBan method…

One of the biggest concerns of buyers and purchasers when it comes to purchasing strategic components from Asian countries is definitely delivery times.
The most frequently asked questions about that are:

  • “Will delivery times be met?”
  • “What if there is a need to receive the goods in a short time to deal with sudden requests or peaks in work?”
  • “What happens if a supply is not in conformity with the requests? Do we have to wait for the production and import of a new batch?”


In order to answer these questions, SR Tech has been running a stock management service through the KanBan method at its headquarters in Parma for several years now, so that the customer is always protected from stock shortages.
The service, much appreciated by all customers, is perhaps one of our greatest strong points today.
In fact, we assume that:
  • quality must always be put first.
  • purchase costs must be compared with the laws of the market.
The stock management service is the feature that most distinguishes SR Tech from the competition. Usually, trading companies that buy in China and resell in Italy do so only on the basis of sales, that is:
“First, I receive the order from my customer. Then I issue the purchase order to my supplier…”
This way of proceeding puts the customer in a position characterized by a high risk of downtime and inability to acquire sales orders with short delivery times.
SR Tech’s economic commitment to managing thousands of codes in stock, managed with SAP, is amply rewarded by the loyalty of its customers and their level of satisfaction.
If you know what we’re talking about, you’ve probably already had to deal with this problem…
If you are wondering how to solve this problem, we are probably the best answer you can find on the market today…